1st Dutch Antisense Therapeutics Symposium
June 3rd 2022, Leiden

9:00 - Arrival, Registration and Coffee 

9:55 - Welcome and opening of the symposium

10:00 National keynote lecture

          Annemieke Aartsma-Rus (LUMC): A brief history of ASO therapy development: Developments in the current millennium.


10:45 Roland Brock (Radboudumc) - Peptide-based delivery strategies for antisense oligonucleotides

11:15 Peter van den Akker (UMCG) - Exon-skipping therapy for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

11:45 Julie Rutten (LUMC) - Skipping NOTCH3 exons to prevent protein aggregation in CADASIL patient arteries

12:15 Marlen Lauffer (LUMC) - Dutch Center for RNA Therapeutics


12:30 Lunch



13:15 Early Career Investigator Presentations

          13:15 Yvonne K. Jongejan (LUMC) - Small interfering RNAs for allele-selective silencing of murine von Willebrand factor

          13:30 Jurriën Prins (LUMC) - A novel antisense strategy to inhibit BK polyomavirus replication

          13:45 Irene Vázquez-Domínguez (Radboudumc) - Deciphering the efficacy and safety of different antisense oligonucleotide chemical modifications

                                                                                              in a retinal context


14:00 International Keynote Lecture:

          Bruno Godinho (Atalanta Therapeutics) Delivery of stabilized siRNA scaffolds to the central nervous system

14:45 Marjon Pasmooij (Medicines Evaluation Board) Antisense to medicine: a regulator’s perspective

15:15 Poster Pitches

Edward Geeurickx (Biogazelle)Identification of potent and specific antisense oligonucleotides for target gene knockdown or splice modulation

                                                       using a high-throughput RT-qPCR based cellular screening platform

Dyah Karjosukarso (Radboudumc) Towards clinical application of antisense oligonucleotides for the treatment of Stargardt disease

Elsa Kuijper (LUMC) Therapeutic effect of antisense oligonucleotide treatment in YAC128 Huntington mice

Hilde Smeenk (ErasmusMC)Using antisense oligonucleotides to reactivate paternal UBE3A in Angelman syndrome patient-derived neurons

Nuria Suárez Herrera (Radboudumc) - Combined AON-U7snRNA as splicing modulation therapy to correct multiple deep-intronic ABCA4 variants

Alper Yavas (LUMC) Modulation of IGF1 splicing towards mechano growth factor isoform by antisense oligonucleotide-mediated exon inclusion

15:30 POSTER SESSION with Coffee and Cookies



16:45 Early Career Investigator Presentations

          16:45 Claudia Milazzo (Erasmus MC) - ASO treatment rescues UBE3A expression and multiple phenotypes of an Angelman Syndrome mouse model

          17:00 Tom Metz (LUMC) - Biodistribution of radioactively labelled AONs after ICV and IT injection in mice

          17:15 Janine Reurink (Radboudumc) - WGS identifies deep-intronic variants in USH2A that are amenable for AON-based splice correction therapy

17:30 Elizabeth Vroom (Duchenne Parent Project Netherlands) - The role of patient organizations in antisense oligonucleotide drug development

18:00 Awards, closing remarks

18:10 Drinks and Networking

19:30 Dinner (not included, pre-registration required)

Abstract book will be available digitally one week before the meeting.

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